Mothering Sunday: Blooms Of Flowers

February/March is such a beautiful time of year, signs...

February/March is such a beautiful time of year, signs of Spring start to show, blossom starts to grow, flowers start to bloom & houses everywhere are full of flowers from Valentine’s day & Mothering Sunday.

I love photographing flowers so with the flowers from myself & my sister to my mum for mother’s day I thought I would show a few different ways of taking photos of flowers. Whenever I photograph anything like this I like a nice clean white background in front of a bright open window, I love natural sunlight. The best time of day for taking photo’s is between 10am-3pm, once the sun starts to set you won’t get these bright looking photos with perfect lighting. During the summer months obviously this changes. I love my photo’s to look bright, creamy and contrasty. 

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