Hen Party: Jess Said Yes


Last month I was honored to be invited to Jessica's hen party in Bury St Edmund's. Jessica had obviously put so much thought into everything from the theme down to the decorations and activities. Everyone bought something they'd made to contribute to lunch which was so lovely. The theme was a bohemian tea party which was absolutely stunning, the pretty flowers dotted around, the rose gold balloons which made the perfect photo backdrop.

After we'd finished lunch, we had to dash for shade as it was 30C+! We all sat together and done a quiz on 'how well do you know the bride?' as well as a Mr & Mrs competition and a 'Advice for the bride' card which I thought was a lovely idea. 

We then made our own floral crowns made from the table flowers, I absolutely love floral crowns and it was so much fun, unfortunately I wasn't the best at it! Everyone else done such an amazing job making theirs, everyone looked so beautiful in their finished crowns :-)
Late afternoon the guys arrived back from their stag party and we had a BBQ in the evening to end what was a lovely day.

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