Lisa & Justin's Wedding: Getting Ready


I was honoured to be Maid Of Honour for Lisa & Justins beautiful wedding, so of course it was difficult for me to take proper photos, this was my first go at taking wedding photography style photo's. 

Me & Lisa shared a room the night before the wedding, I don't think either of us got a good nights sleep! we woke up nice and early, we showered and Lisa enjoyed a cup of tea, anyone that knows Lisa will know she absolutely loves tea! I used this time as an opportunity to photograph Lisa during the morning when nobody else was in the room, it was nice to spend some quality sister time together before she became Mrs Evans! 

I made her a book full of old photos with messages from friends & family. I made it very last minute so it didn't turn out as planned however I'm planning to finish it off with honeymoon photos and memories of what they've done since the wedding.

Justins family and my mum arrived in the room to start having their hair done. The make up artist arrived shortly after so Me, Mum and Lisa could have our makeup done.

Once everyone was ready, mum helped Lisa into her dress and it was time to head to the church! I didn't have my camera in the church so unfortunately I don't have any photos of the ceremony however I do have plenty more photos to show you!

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