Elegantly England: The Gog Magog Downs

Welcome to the 1st in the series of ...

Welcome to the 1st in the series of 'Elegantly England' where I will attempt to share photos of my beautiful home country of England, I will try and share as many different places as I possibly can. In this blog post I'm sharing photos of the Gog Magog downs which is a stunning piece of chalk grassland just a few miles away from Cambridge (There's a beautiful view of Cambridge from the top of the hill' & you get a fantastic view of the sunset.

The Gog Magog Downs are full of wildlife, nature and lot's of wild flowers, trees and shrubs. It's so relaxing to walk around & admire the views. I've only been round a very small part of the gogs so I'll do a part 2 section with lot's more photos. 

I was waiting for a cloudy dull day to take photos here as I hate taking photos in harsh midday sun, you get harsh shadows and contrasty colours. It was so good to take photos on a day with low cloud and mist, a passer by even described me as a 'very hardy photographer' to be out taking photos on such a day! I'm so pleased with how the photos come out, the low cloud and mist gives a much more dramatic feel to the photos :-)

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