Orchardleigh House: Pre wedding Day


The day before the big wedding day is always going to be a mixture of nerves and excitement. My sister, Lisa married Justin at Orchardleigh house back in March 2016, I was maid of honour so obviously it was difficult for me to take photos however having been into photography for so long (I even took photos at my own wedding in 2014!) I was desperate to try my hand at a bit of wedding photography. Justin's Dad, John is also a photographer and they had hired a separate photographer so I wasn't the main photographer so it didn't matter if the photos didn't come out perfect.

I was so pleased with how the photos came out. My original edit was more of a clean & bright look where as recently I've been obsessed with the more dark & moody style of editing so I've been practicing and I've found an editing style that I'm so happy with, so I'll be adding Lisa & Justin's wedding to the blog in my new editing style.

The day before the big day, we all made the drive from Cambridge to Orchardleigh which took around 5 hours. We all arrived so excited to start get everything everything set up and ready. We set all the tables out and made sure all the decorations were in place. everything looked absolutely beautiful!

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